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Science by Design

Collaborative soil fungi-focused Education + Cleantech

We design sustainable solutions for our world's most pressing environmental problems, and empower others to do so too

We started out with some of the toughest toxins to remove from the most difficult media to clean: soils. Then, after discovering that we could coax native soil fungi to awaken, we started thinking about other large, seemingly intractable problems could benefit from fungal interventions, and started a series of short courses to empower others to save their corners of the world with fungi too.

Short Courses and Seminars

We empower citizen scientists and environmental professionals through our lectures, short courses, and interactive workshops. You’ll leave equipped with the skills and perspectives to start tapping into the power of fungi and create fungal solutions to the world’s most pressing environmental problems.


Check out Dr. Czaplicki’s seminar at the 2019 Telluride Mushroom Festival below
a photo of a workshop at TMF

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Polluted Soils

We collaborate with local nonprofits, municipalities, and brownfield redevelopers to create a low input clean-up approach centered on the fungi already adapted to site pollutants

Abandoned Mine Lands

We collaborate with municipalities and mines to harness fungal-plant collaborations that

     reduce metals pollution

     sequester carbon

     recover metals to industrial use

Wildfire Management

We collaborate with the Coalition of the Upper South Platte, similar nonprofits, and forest managers to avoid catastrophic wildfire by rotting excess fuels in place

Wildfire Aftermath and Mudslides

We collaborate with CoRenewal and partners to evaluate different ways to harness innate fungal capacity to

     stabilize mountainsides

     build soil structure

    degrade water-repellent particles

    support revegetation

looking for mushrooms?

Not all fungi make mushrooms! Typical soil fungi and plant-supporters do not make mushrooms, but are just as wonderful

Explore the fantastic fungal tree of life

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